Fairview Minor Soccer Club is committed to following all regulations as set by CSA, ASA, and AHS. We are dedicated to keeping our children safe and healthy.

Anyone not following the regulations will be asked to leave the field. A second warning will result in the child being removed from the program. Waivers will need to be signed before play commences.

Each child will need to fill in the COVID Check list before each practice. The COVID Compliance officer will be checking this before each practice starts. Anyone that does not fill out this form will be asked to leave the field.

Current ASA regulations can be found here.

All Teams will have a maximum of 8 players and 2 coaches.

Hand sanitizing must be done before entering the field. Sanitizing station will be provided. Washrooms will be located inside the fence. Users will be required to hand sanitize before and after using the washroom.

Equipment can not be shared and must be sanitized after every game. Balls can be shared as Soccer is a hands free game. No throw in will be allowed.

Participants must wear a mask when in common areas of a facility
but can remove the mask once engaging in high intensity physical

Spectators are not currently permitted.
If parents/chaperones/volunteers are required to be in a facility for the
purposes of assuring that clients/minors are safe, this number must be
kept to the lowest amount possible. Parents are asked to remain in their vehicles or watch from outside the fence.

2 metres physical distance must be maintained by all participants and
trainers/coaches (who are not part of a school cohort or household) while
engaging in the physical activity outdoors.
Transportation to and from activities should be arranged so that only
members from the same household share rides.
Carpooling is strongly discouraged.

This page will be updated when ASA sends out an update for the outdoor season.