Coach’s Corner

Please Complete Coaches Application Below To Volunteer

Welcome to our 2021 Spring Soccer and Thank you for volunteering to dedicate your time to our soccer stars!

As the coach we ask you to show up approximately 15 minutes early to have your nets set up and your pitch ready for when the players arrive. 

This year we will need more people to be trained as coaches than normal due to COVID-19 restrictions.

All coaches will need to do the online portion of the training detailed below as well as the ethical portion. If you have any questions or know someone who may want to coach please let me know so I can forward the information.

Currently, all the Canada Soccer Community Stream workshops are available for free online. Coaches will need to create an NCCP account and can register for a community stream NCCP workshop by going to:

Coaches can register & complete as many workshops as they want. Once they have registered they will see a thank you page in which the Google Class Code is provided. Please note that coaches will require a google account to access the material.

Community Coach Workshops

The workshops are designed for grassroots community coaches (who must be 16+ years old to participate). Coaches who have completed the appropriate workshop are considered “In Training“. To be “Trained”, a coach must complete the Making Ethical Decisions (MED) online evaluation There is a fee for this course and it may be hard to get in. We are working on funds to be able to reimburse you for these fees. Please Contact the President if you need assistance with this cost.

All workshops are participatory in nature, providing coaches with stage-specific training.

To coach at U13 Provincials, a coach must be a Trained Learning to Train or Soccer for Life coach.

To coach at U15 Provincials or higher, a coach must be a Trained Soccer for Life coach.

To coach a team that may qualify for a Tier 1 to Nationals competition, a coach must be a Trained C Licence coach. Please Register for the course that fits the age group you will be coaching.

Active Start (U4-U6)

FUNdamentals (U6-U9)

Learn to Train (U10 – U12)

Soccer for Life (U14+)

Soccer contributes to the well-being of children by engaging them in the sport while teaching them basic movements. At this introductory level, the objective is to get them moving and to keep them active. Kids who have fun playing a sport are more likely to stay active and healthy for their entire lifetime. They also have a better chance of becoming a top athlete. So make it fun, and make it quality! The Active Start (AS) workshop is for coaches working with players under 6 years of age.

Theory Component Now available Online

On field Component will be set up by Districts at a later date.

Curriculum – Develop a basic understanding of Physical Literacy. – Information to help coaches understand the development stage of the children they are working with. – How to plan coaching sessions considering the development stage of the children coaches are working with. -Consider the safety factors involved in running a coaching session. -How to manage coaching sessions using appropriate content and methodology. – Advice coaches can use to work with players and parents in this stage. – Completion of both the Online & On Field portions of the workshop coaches will receive the “In-training” designation in their NCCP transcript. To become “Trained” coaches will need to complete the MED Online Evaluation

Younger Age Groups – your responsibility is to ensure that players are wearing the proper equipment to ensure safety to themselves and others. To make sure that they treat each other, opponents, and themselves with respect. We will tolerate no bullying towards another participant, Coach or parent.  If you have a player on your team that you are finding is beyond the control of what you lay out for guidelines, and has been warned or reprimanded repeatedly, please let us know and we will approach the parents from the Association side. There will also be no bullying tolerated from parents on the sidelines either. If you find there is a parent that cannot seem to control their language, actions, etc again please let us know so we can come in from the Association side of it and speak with them.

If you have a player that is loud, quite aggressive, rude, belligerent, likes to push, etc. Please address the player and advise them they will need to sit out of drills, the game, whatever you may be doing at the time. If you address the issues right off the bat, that player will know right away that their bad behaviour is not going to get them anywhere. Having them sit out a few minutes (or if they are quite young) having them do the drill one on one with someone for a few minutes most times will settle the behaviour. Please do not allow these things to get out of control to the point that another player may be hurt. 

Please make sure that you are only Coaching those that are on your roster. If there is someone on your team that is not listed on your roster let us know as soon as possible. They may not be with the correct team, they may have not yet registered and so are not covered under insurance, they may not even belong in the age group they are playing in. We need to know asap so that we can guide them to the right place or have them registered properly so they are protected in case of any injuries, etc. 

Every age group will have a designated First Aid Kit on the field.

For ages U5 to U13, a parent or guardian is to be available on the side lines for each player at all times. In case of an injury where there is no parent or guardian present, and the injury requires care, you are to call 911, and then contact the Association Manager at 780-772-0719. If you find (especially with younger age groups) that a child is attending and has no one there as a parent/guardian figure then please let the Association know asap and we will contact the parent/guardian. If you have a 5 year old that is walking to and from practice alone, we want to know about it immediately, (yes, this has happened and is a thing). 

It will be the responsibility of the Coach, if they are unable to make it to a practice, to seek out a parent who will help to cover that practice, if no parent is willing to step up and volunteer to cover that practice then you will cancel your practice for that evening. Please let President know before cancelling 780-772-0719. 

If you have any questions message us through Facebook, or call or text the President  at 780-772-0719.